Mayor & Town Council


The governing authority of Mountain View is vested in an elected council of six (6) Council members and a Mayor elected at large from the Mountain View community.

The Mayor Pro Tem is elected by the Council members from its own membership at the first meeting following each biennial election. Members of the Mountain View Town Council are elected in accordance with the Colorado Municipal Election Code of 1965, as amended and the Mountain View Town Charter.

The Mayor and each Council member receive compensation for services rendered in the amount fixed by resolution, payable from the Mountain View general fund.

Mayor of Mountain View, CO

Glenn Levy

Town Council Members:

Kathleen S. Bailey
Council Member

Mladenka “Mia” Boehrer
Council Member

Leola Boone
Council Member

Adam Ellsworth
Council Member

Emilie Mitcham
Council Member / Mayor Pro Tem

Town Hall Staff:

Sarah Albright
Town Clerk/Treasurer

Kim Brown
Administrative Assistant/Clerk’s Office

Beverly Seidel
Court Clerk/Police Clerk

Mark Toth
Chief of Police