PUBLC NOTICE: Sewer and Storm Water Project Schedule

Town of Mountain View Sewer and Storm Water Project Schedule

Updated 11-15-2019.

11/15/19 to 11/22/19: Remedial Paving work in assorted alleys in the Town

11/15/19 to 11/22/19: Finish storm water repair work on east side of Ames, between 43rd and 44th Ave and remedial paving, as necessary.

1/15/19 to 11/22/19: Manhole repair and lining work throughout the Town

11/15/19 through 11/22/19: Finish the Depew and Chase corner sidewalk ramp work. Begin concrete work of the corner of Eaton and 41st. Ave. Asphalt patching on multiple corners and inlet construction on Fenton N. of 41st Ave.

11/18/19 through 12/01/19: Alley excavation and sewer pipe replacement between Eaton and Fenton and 41st and 43rd Ave. Crews will start at 41st Ave. and work north, and the contractor will advise residents of service interruptions in advance. These service interruptions will be approximately 4 to 6 hours per residence. As alley work may interrupt garage access, street parking is strongly encouraged.