PUBLIC NOTICES: Electronic Recycling Event October 10, 2020

Electronics Recycling Event in The Town of Mountain View October 10, 2020

Do you have a house full of electronic items that can’t be landfilled? Virtually all electronics can be recycled.

The Town of Mountain View is contracting with Blue Star Recyclers for an electronics recycling event on October 10, 2020, between 10 am and 2 pm. The event will be north of the Mountain View Town Hall, on 43rd Ave. just east of Benton St. The event will be as safe as possible, with social distancing and PPE use in place.

The Town is using Blue Star Recyclers, a 501c3 Social Enterprise which creates jobs for people with disabilities, to staff the recycling event. They will provide containers, sort items, and collect payment directly from residents for items with a cost attached. They recycle some things for free (such as computers and cell phones). Other items, like TVs, incur moderate costs. Following is a list of accepted electronics and the cost per item by weight or number. The full list of accepted items is on the following page, along with event instructions.

Event Safety Instructions and Guidance

Below are the electronics recycling event’s safety rules, as set by Blue Star Recyclers:

  • All customers, vendors, and other visitors must wear face coverings except for certain documented legal, life, health, safety, or security considerations.
  • All Blue Star employees wear face coverings unless they are prohibited by law or health reasons
  • Residents driving to drop off electronics can stay in their cars. Staff will unload the e-waste.
  • Blue Star will require adequate social distancing between employees and attendees.
  • Blue Star recommends credit card transactions over cash when possible.
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available for employees and any customers.
  • Blue Star performs enhanced cleaning of commonly touched surfaces, such as credit readers.

Full List of Accepted and Non-Accepted Recycling Items

Computer Towers, Laptops, Servers, Tablets, iPads, Kindle’s, e-Readers

CRT/LED/LCD Monitors, POS systems, surveillance systems

Smartphones, cell phones, telephones, telephone systems

UPS batteries, battery backup units, routers, switches, hubs, modems, docking stations

Fax machines, copiers, printers, scanners, plotters, Cables, cords, power supplies, keyboards, mice

Stereo components and speakers, radios, reel to reels

DVR/VCR/DVD/CD players. Xbox/Wii/Play Stations, related gaming equipment

Cable boxes, satellite TV components (dish/receiver)

Cameras, camcorders, film projectors     Recording equipment, A/V equipment, overhead projectors

Calculators, adding machines, typewriters, word processors

TVs: LCD/LED/CRT, Rear Projection, Consoles, Plasma

Small household appliances: Microwaves, fans, lamps, vacuums and other small appliances.

NOTE: Blue Star Recyclers does not accept the following items: Refrigerators (large or small), large appliances, A/C units, thermostats, smoke/CO2 detectors, or any items with hazardous chemicals, even if emptied and mitigated prior.

If you have event questions, please call Lorin Marco, Blue Star Recyclers, at 720-390-0369.