The Town of Mountain View Supports Colorado’s Stay at Home Order

Dear Town Residents and Business Owners:

As many of you know, Governor Polis released a stay at home order on March 25th, 2020, to help stop the spread of Covid-19. This order runs from 6 am, Thursday March 26th through April 11th, 2020. Colorado residents are required to stay home unless obtaining food and necessities, going to and from work at critical businesses, seeking medical care, and caring for themselves, their dependents, pets, and vulnerable people.

“You have a chance to be a hero …and to save thousands of lives by staying home,” Polis said. He mandated that some businesses temporarily close and critical businesses such as supermarkets, pet stores, medical clinics, emergency/police services, veterinarians, liquor stores and dispensaries (among others) employ social distancing.

Today, on behalf of the Town, I’m directing residents to heed the governor’s order to stay home. To stop the Covid-19 virus from devastating our families, loved ones and communities, we must all do our part. Beating this serious virus will require a disciplined, committed response from everyone. We need your help.

Accordingly, I’m directing all Town of Mountain View residents and businesses to do the following:

    1. Stay home. Cabin fever is real, but so are puzzles, Facebook, Instagram and Tik-Tok.
    2. Please maintain a safe six-foot distance between yourself and others.
    3. Please limit your number of shopping trips. If we don’t panic buy. there’ll be ample food, supplies and toiletries for everyone, including our less mobile, less fortunate and less healthy neighbors.
    4. Please alter your exercise and walking routine, so that sidewalks and open spaces don’t become transmission points for Covid-19. Early mornings and late nights are perfect times for a quiet walk.
    5.  I’ve directed the closure of the Town playground and basketball court. Residents are still free to use the park’s common areas, but please maintain a 6 ft. social distance.
    6. Our restaurants have closed their lobbies to dine-in service. Please continue ordering local delivery or take out , so when this crisis passes, our local restaurants will still be here.
  • We’re not shutting down any of the Town’s businesses today. In order to stay open, however, business owners must implement 6-foot social distancing as well as Colorado state/CDPHE cleaning rules.


  1. Our police department is working 24-7 to protect us. They’ll be reaching out soon to reassure our community. Please call 303-425-1748 to report minor incidents. In case of an emergency, please call 911.
  2. Please don’t host or attend social gatherings and maintain a safe 6-foot social distance.

More information on the order:

Let’s all do our part to keep the community safe.

Glenn Levy, Mayor