Volunteers Wanted for Mountain View Neighbors in Need

Want to help your neighbors this Winter? The Town of Mountain View has started the Neighbors in Need program to assist residents who are unable to shovel and clear their sidewalks.

The Mountain View Town Code states that an owner, tenant, occupant, or lessee shall remove snow and ice on sidewalks and driveways within twenty-four hours after the cessation of any fall of snow, sleet or freezing rain. But some residents aren’t physically able to do this.

To assist with timely residential snow removal, the Town of Mountain View is asking for volunteers to help injured, elderly or disabled residents unable to clear residential sidewalk and driveway areas. Volunteers can sign-up to cover one or more walks using their own shovel or snow blower or the equipment of the resident.

Mountain View Public Works Director, Gene Bird, believes there may be a dozen or more families in town that may need help with their walks on what promises to be a snowy winter. The number of volunteers will determine how many residents can be assisted. So please help your community by volunteering today.

To volunteer your service or request snow removal assistance, please contact Public Works Director Gene Bird at or 720-255-9130.

Thank you,

Glenn Levy, Mayor

Town of Mountain View, Colorado